Friday, November 9, 2012

"Snake Alley" Canyoneering Training

 The Pacesetter club led a trip to "Snake Alley", Lamb's Knoll, just outside of Zion National Park on November 4, 2012 for a day of canyoneering skills.

Canyoneering Group at Zion
 The group consisted of: Keith Howells, Breezy Bassett, Stolf Short, Wryht Short and Taylor Shannon.

Keith hanging upside down on rappel
Wryht climbing into the slot canyon"Beautiful weather and canyoneering, can't get any better!" Keith Howells
Breanna Bassett, president of Pacesetters Club, said the canyoneering trip was in order for students to make up a missed class and to teach them different skills about canyoneering.
“We took them out to teach them what they didn’t learn in class and we covered anchoring, ascending and rope management,” Bassett said.

Bassett thought the trip went really well and the students enjoyed what they were able to learn.
“The trip was definitely a success,” Bassett said. “Everyone had a really good time, they all learned some new skills they didn’t know before.”
Bassett said this isn’t the first time they have done a trip similar to this.
Picture of Lamb's Knoll“We’ve actually done a few,” Bassett said. “We took some people out canyoneering to Yankee Doodle Canyon. As Pacesetters, we try to lead a trip every week, so every Saturday or Sunday we have a trip going out.”
Pacesetter setting up rappeling station

Stolf holds on as a top belay

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