Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunrise on Angels Landing

Sunrise ontop of Angels Landing

The Angels Landing trip was led by Elizabeth Patillo and Kaitlyn Jones starting on Friday Nov. 4 and ending Saturday Nov. 5.
Patillo said the trip was filled with many spectacular sights.
“We went on an overnight trip to Zion to watch the sun rise over Angels Landing,” Patillo said. “Friday night, we camped in the South Campground, campfire and all. At 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning, we were all up and by 6 a.m. we started our hike.”
Patillo said the stars were more visible than most of the students were used to seeing.

“We didn’t say much early in the morning, but when we did, it was usually comments about how beautiful the stars and moon were,” Patillo said. “So often you’re in the city and can’t see them as clearly as we could morning.”
Patillo said the beauty Zion provides is unique.
“The entirety of the morning was filled with a simple, yet breathtaking beauty, the kind only nature can provide,” Patillo said.

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