Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go Outside SUU Photo Competition

The Harry Reid Outdoor Engagement Center wants to see what you are doing OUTSIDE and we want to award you for it!

Chelsea Howells at Angels Landing
Chelsea Howells at Angels Landing, Zion NP.

Submit your photos(yes, as many as you'd like) of you, your family, or friends (or if you don't want them ruining your perfect landscape photography don't put them in) in the outdoors enjoying what you enjoy most: adventure, nature, wildlife, etc. It's up to you, be creative and show us what you enjoy the most about the outdoors.

A grand prize is awarded to the top photo. This includes; having the winning photo displayed in the Outdoor Engagement Center, a $25 gift card to the SUU Bookstore and a Pacesetters T-shirt.
Two runner-ups will get a Pacesetters T-shirt.

The competition is open to anyone at SUU (students, faculty, staff) or living in the area (southern Utah residents), except us at the Outdoor Engagement Center.

The photo needs to be the original work of the photographer, no stealing images from someone else.



Like the Outdoor Engagement Center Facebook page, submit your photo on our wall and in the "Say something about this..." box put Go Outside SUU.



Follow the Outdoor Engagement Center Twitter account, tweet your photo to @suuoec with the hashtag #gooutsideSUU.

You have until April 17, 2013 at 11:59 PM to submit photos. Staff at the Outdoor Engagement Center will select the top 12 photos on April 18 and add them to the competition album on Facebook. We'll also Tweet the top 12 photos.

How will we be selecting these top 12. Fair question, but we want to see how you enjoy the outdoors. Be creative and let your photo seemingly say, "BAM! This is how I enjoy the outdoors."

The top 12 photographers will have until April 25 to get as many Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook and Favorites and Retweets on Twitter as they can. Each Like/Favorite is worth 1 point, Comments/Retweets equal 2 points and a Share equals 3. It is up to the photographer to get their photos out there. Make sure that Likes and other such things are on the Outdoor Engagement Center Facebook and Twitter pages.

The photos with the most points wins and the next 2 are the runner-ups. Incase of a tie for the grand prize, we'll repost the photos and the winner will be determined by the same scoring over the next 24 hour period.

Winners will be announced April 27 at the Go Outside Summer Kickoff. The Kickoff event will be at 5pm at Canyon Park in Cedar City.


  1. Respectfully, this is a terrible way to judge a contest. It's really just a popularity contest for the person rather than the work. An outgoing extrovert with 1000 Facebook friends is going to have their entry exposed to way more people than a brilliant introvert with 5 friends.

    1. This is a similar structure to other social media photo contests. Except the first step is usually based on "Likes" and such, also. I see your point and another competition style would work better for the introvert. Maybe another time?
      One advantage of a social media style is the photo will get exposed to ALOT of people. All the people who "like" the page will see it, plus the submitters friends, plus the friends of friends of anyone who "likes" the photo. So in effect the introvert may not have as many friends on social media, but these sites push the post to friends of friends. Does that make sense? So the extrovert may have a headstart, but it will level out.