Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taylor Creek Hike

Pacesetters Brandon Jensen, Breezy Bassett, and Brittney Zenz headed into the Zion wilderness of Kolob National Park on Saturday, October 27 to view the spectacular scenery and exquisite fall colors of the Taylor Creek Trail.

Jensen, an avid hiker and outdoorsman said, “The fall colors were really beautiful and the crisp autumn air left me feeling refreshed and invigorated.”

The steep canyon walls loomed overhead as the participants weaved back and forth across the shallow creek enjoying the peace and quiet of this little-used trail. Their first stop was made at the Larsen Cabin, a small homestead built in the 1930’s; a little under a mile later the group came upon the Fife Cabin nestled in a grove of maple, oak, and fir trees, built by SUSC Instructor Arthur Fife; and finally they ended at the Double Arch Alcove, a majestic piece of geological history.

Zenz, an Interior Design Major from Wisconsin remarked, “I’ve been here two months and orange mountains are still amazing.”

The group ate lunch in the shadow of the impressive cliff before returning to the trailhead, feeling energized from their adventure and ready for the next challenge.

Round-trip, the hike is approximately 5.4 mile and takes about four hours to complete, so if you are looking for an easy yet secluded getaway then take a quick trip to the beautiful Kolob National Park for a day that you’ll never forget. 

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