Thursday, October 25, 2012

Water Canyon Hike

Peer Adventure hike in Water Canyon

During the Fall Break Helena Darger led a Pacesetter trip to Water Canyon, a little-known hike located just north of Hildale.
Participants met in the P.E. parking lot at 8 a.m. and took a van down to the trailhead for a day of hiking.
“It is a little-known hike that very few people at SUU have heard of, including some outdoor recreation majors,” Darger said. “Knowing this, I knew that I had to share this hike with anyone interested.”

Leading the hike gave Darger a chance to use the skills she had learned in the Pacesetter training sessions earlier in the semester.
View looking back down Water CanyonBrittney Zenz said the adventure was a great way for her to get out and accomplish something she didn’t think she could do.
“The view from the top of the mountain was awesome,” Zenz said. “I’ve never been on the top of a mountain before.”
Water Canyon cuts through the 2,000 ft. cliffs of the Canaan Mountains. The first half of the hike parallels the creek running through the canyon to a natural spring. The route then follows the canyon along the side of a narrow slot, with several switchbacks to the top of the mountain.
There are a couple landmarks we made sure to notice on the hike, including the Water Canyon Arch and the White Domes, Darger said.
Participants hiking in Water CanyonThe hike was quite rigorous due to the altitudes that were being reached and they took occasional breaks to catch their breath and take in the gorgeous fall scenery.
The strain of the hike added to the enjoyment of reaching the top of the canyon. Participants took a break at the top of the canyon for lunch and enjoyed some sunbathing.
After the lunch break they continued on to a look-off point where they could look down into the canyon from 2,000 ft. above.
Lovejoy said the place was beyond his expectations for the area, and the weather was perfect.
“The best part of the trip was the incredible location,” Lovejoy said. “It was the perfect time to get out before the weather got too cold and after the leaves had changed color.”
Lovejoy said SUU students have the opportunity to experience so much of Utah outdoors, and there are many events throughout the semester sponsored by the Pacesetters, the OEC and other organizations: there is no reason to miss out.

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